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Norwich Heart, Heritage Economic & Regeneration Trust

Learning events

The Medieval Experience at The Guildhall

Visit the medieval Guildhall with your school, youth or community group and find out what life was really like in the Middle Ages. You'll meet the Medieval Knight, and perhaps get to try on his armour and see if you can pick up his heavy sword; discover the grim reality of Medieval Medicine and see if you can guess what the grisly implements were used for; and discover other aspects of life during this time.

For information please contact

Become a Heritage Hero!

We have a group of awesome young people who are the Heritage Heroes Group, and we are always looking for more to take part!

Heritage Heroes is ideal for any young people (8-18) interested in history, drama and arts. Our current Heritage Heroes are working towards earning the Explore Arts Award (Level 3), a nationally recognised award.

Norwich Guildhall sleepovers

Our Guildhall sleepovers for Guides, Brownies, Scouts and Cubs are an exciting and original adventure! Earn an exclusive Guildhall Sleepover Badge, and much more, by participating in our range of dragon-themed activities at the Norwich Guildhall! These include a costumed drama session, story-telling in the undercroft, science experiments and crafts.

Prices are £25 per young person and £10 per leader. Maximum of 60 individuals per session. For more information, and to book, contact Sarah Power on 01603 599579 or email

Download the Guildhall Sleepovers flyer

Mustard twilight sessions

Another great learning event for Scouts, Cubs, Guides and Brownies! Earn an exclusive Colman's Mustard Shop & Museum Twilight badge, and much more! Get your hands on history with our object handling session, then meet a costumed Colman's character. Then learn more about mustard in medicine and create an origami box to contain your free mustard gift.

Prices are £7.50 per young person, and free for leaders. Maximum of 20 individuals can be booked per session. For more information, and to book, contact Sarah Power on 01603 599579 or email

Download the Twilight Sessions flyer.


Visiting the Guildhall with your class: Victorians / Tudors

One of the key assets of Norwich Guildhall is the perfectly preserved late 19th-century Magistrates courtroom, which is usually available for booked groups. The space is arranged exactly as it was when vacated by the Magistrates and has a traditional court room layout and furnishings. This facility can be used in a number of ways to bring to life past and present legal systems.

These are some examples of activities and combinations we can offer. All of our sessions are tailored to your specific needs, please email to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Guided visits

HEART staff can give guided tours of the Guildhall, emphasising either a specific period or law and order, and including any or all of; The Victorian Cells, The Modern Cells, The Public Areas, The Mayors Court and The Courtroom.

Depending on your requirements the focus can be on any period from the 16th century to the present, although the spaces are perhaps especially suited to the either the Georgian,Victorian or Edwardian periods.

Time: 1 hour - 1.5 hours 
Cost: £1 per head 


Guided visit with film and/or workbook

The above can be combined with the use of the Guildhall workbook and/or private viewing of the Guildhall interpretation film.

Time: Add 30 minutes
Costs: Pupil copies of the workbook cost 10p each and can be ordered in advance if required;
Historic Guildhall DVD to take back to school £5.95

Mock Trial: The Story of William Tuck

William Tuck, probably aged 8, was arrested in 1839 for stealing empty bottles from Norwich Market. He was tried in the same way as an adult, with no representation by lawyers, parents or any adult. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation and became one of the first people confined in the new juvenile prison at Parkhurst on the Isle of Wight. He was transported to New Zealand, and records show that he spent the rest of his life there.

We can lead a session, or if you prefer the materials can be provided to allow you to hold a 'trial' in the Court Room, re-enacting the experience of William Tuck. This material is a combination of genuine records, relating to the Tuck case and to other near contemporary typical trials of young children. It covers the likely nature of his life and offence, the brevity of his trial, the situation of young children in the Victorian penal system, and the prospects for his latter life. 

The depth and breadth of this activity can be varied, from a single session re-enacting the trial to a number of sessions held on site and at school. For younger age groups we emphasise social conditions, and work with drama and role play. Older learners can be shown how to research a historical figure in original documents using online resources including the Norfolk Record Office, encouraged to compare and contrast the Tuck case with modern provision for children in the justice system, look into social conditions in the period, and examine the movements for penal and prison reform happening at the time. It may also be possible to collaborate with external organisations including Magistrates in the Community, who can add the experience of the modern courts and crime prevention content, if this suits your scheme of work.

Time: Variable, from 2h upwards
Costs: £3.00 - £4.50 per half day per child depending on options / facilitator time required.
Download the Trial of William Tuck leaflet


For more details, or to have an informal chat about how you could use the Guildhall, please email or call 01603 305575