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Norwich Heart, Heritage Economic & Regeneration Trust

Dragons of Norwich

Dragons around Norwich

Dragons have been a heraldic symbol closely associated with the city of Norwich since the Middle Ages (including the Guild of St George and its procession featuring Snap the dragon), and today dragons are still visible across the city's architecture and feature in many city celebrations. 

Can you spot some of these sneaky, scaly creatures around Norwich's city centre?

List of Norwich's Dragons

  1. Dragon Hall has a stunning roof spandrel (rafter) depicting a dragon and another can be seen on the sign hanging outside

  3. The Great Hospital has six magnificent dragons spandrels in the Refectory

  5. St Helen's Church at the Great Hospital has a carved pew end depicting St Margaret of Antioch, patron saint of childbirth, emerging from a dragon's stomach (the dragon is said to have been the Devil in disguise!)

  7. St Gregory's Church, on St Benedict's Street, has a huge wall painting showing St George slaying his scaly foe. Snap can also be spotted hovering high above near the church's ceiling

  9. The Council Chamber at the Guildhall contains a dragon finial and bench end


  11. Several dragons can be seen in St George Tombland. They can be found in the stained glass windows, on the font's cover and there are some pictures of dragons in the vestry

  13. If you look up at the tower of St George Colegate, you can see a dragon coiled up above the clock's face

  15. You can spot many dragons at Norwich Cathedral, some are hiding in the roof bosses above and there are two fiery-red dragons being defeated in the stained glass windows

  17. At Ethelbert Gate, at the entrance to Norwich Cathedral Close, a dragon can be seen having a fierce battle with a warrior above the archway

  19. Norwich Castle is the home of the city's most famous dragon, Snap, who has lived in Norwich for more than 500 years!

  21. If you look around Castle Gardens you will find a dragon on a special plaque

  23. In one of the stained glass windows at St Peter Mancroft you can see a dragon being defeated by St Margaret, who burst forth from the stomach of a dragon believed to be the Devil in disguise

  25. Dragons guard the pillar bases at The Cathedral of St John the Baptist

  27. There are some very rare Chinese dragons at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

  29. The gold 'dragons' at the front of Surrey House are actually wyverns – mythical winged reptiles with the head of a dragon, two legs and a barbed tail