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Norwich Heart, Heritage Economic & Regeneration Trust

Film Gallery

Explore the Norwich 12 buildings by film: 

Short films

Explore the Norwich 12 buildings by film - see some short films on each of the buildings which act as a perfect introduction to the collection and will give you a flavour of what makes each building so special.

Animated films

We‘ve also started to develop virtual reality films of each building - the first film features the two iconic lions in front of City Hall coming to life and reminiscing about their 70 years outside the building. The second features the famous carved dragon that resides in the Great Hall in Dragon Hall talking about the history of the buildings and the re-discovery and restoration fo them. 

The animated films are an exciting collaborative project between HEART and the University of East Anglia‘s Urban Modelling Group, designed to use innovative technology to generate more interest and understanding of the city‘s history.

Student films

You can also view a series of short films on the 12 buildings by film and video students from the Norwich University College of the Arts (NUCA, formerly the Norwich School of Art and Design). Students worked in pairs on each building, having had to pitch their ideas to a judging panel consisting of TV professionals, heritage specialists and course staff and brought their personal styles and techniques to the project.