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Norwich Heart, Heritage Economic & Regeneration Trust

Colman’s Connections: The War Years, 1914-1918

Colman's Connections: The War Years, 1914-1918

By the Colman's Detectives
Published by Norwich HEART

Published 5 November 2015

During the First World War, the conflict had an enormous impact on every individual in the city of Norwich, and on its biggest employer, Colman's.

Colman's Connections, written by the Colman's Detectives volunteer community research group, uncovers stories and real-life experiences of how the Carrow Works factory and its workers were affected by the conflict.

Discover the mustard workers' roles on the front line, the impact of the war on women, families and workers on the home front, changes to factory life, the Colman's 'from cradle to grave' social welfare, and the part the firm played in the war effort.

Published 5th November 2015

ISBN 978-0-9560385-6-2

RRP £5.95




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