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Norwich Heart, Heritage Economic & Regeneration Trust

Strings of Pearls

Strings of Pearls are individual heritage assets capable of being developed into series of heritage collections, sets and groups. This includes:

Heritage related to belief
Focuses in particular around Norwich's unique set of pre-Reformation churches and the non-conformist tradition.

Merchant heritage
In particular the reference to the textile industry - the people associated with it, where they lived and worked - as well as the theme of commerce, market and retailing.

Cultural heritage
Specifically the two dozen unparalleled cultural assets reflected in people, events or collections.

Centres on the city's industrial and commercial history and the groundbreaking nature of developments in these fields.

Defence and Trade regulation
Concentrates on the City Walls and the river as defining influences in the city's development.

We are currently working with the Norwich Society and Norwich City Council on the Wensum River Parkway Project which is designed to re-establish the river as the natural artery through Norwich and act as a driver for tourism and leisure industries.

A series of interpretative signs are being installed along the river pathways and HEART has produced a beautifully illustrated walking trail booklet taking people around the river, pointing out heritage, plants and wildlife along the way. It is part of the Norwich Trails series and available from Norwich Tourist Information Centre.

The project has been funded by the Greater Norwich Development Partnership.

Subterranean Norwich
Involves Norwich's unique collection of undercrofts but also exploits other important features beneath the streets, such as underground passages or the city's chalk workings.

We have recently commissioned a researcher to undertake a feasibility study to identify the city's underground assets, looking at their value and uniqueness, likely public interest, accessibility, condition and potential. This will feed into plans to give them greater prominence, ranging from enhanced information online to physical access improvements over the next few years.


Who's Who
An exploration or remarkable local people, such as Julian of Norwich, who was the first woman to write a book in English.

Case study - Norwich's churches

A key aspect of work on the Strings of Pearls relates to significant collaborative work with churches in the city. Most importantly, HEART has encouraged the three main church groups in Norwich (Churches Conservation Trust, Norwich Historic Churches Trust and the Diocese of Norwich) to work together on a number of projects, including the establishment of a new website, implementation of an interpretive signage scheme and appointment of a new church 'ranger' (opening up previously inaccessible churches to members of the public at advertised times).