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Norwich Heart, Heritage Economic & Regeneration Trust

Time & Space


Time and Space uses historic public spaces to bind together important heritage resources and provide a stage to develop economic and cultural activity. This involves:

Creating the Palette
To develop a high quality network of public space and to unify diverse and currently unconnected heritage assets and enhance outdoor activity.

Place Making

To create or emphasise 'special places' which individually exploit their heritage context to the full, provide the opportunity to meet a distinctive range of needs and activities.

The Quarters
To create distinctive identities for parts of the city centre linked to their development and heritage, and where appropriate, to the European influences which helped shape them.

Case study - Norwich Lanes

HEART has had considerable success implementing Time and Space through the Norwich Lanes project. This is a joint regeneration initiative with Norwich City Council and the Norwich Lanes Traders' Association designed to enhance the Lanes, which form part of Norwich's beautiful historic quarter, as a distinctive area, rather than change its character. New signage, paving, interpretation, public space development and cycling improvements have made this project a significant success.

A report commissioned by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) on the effectiveness of the project by the new economics foundation concluded that the investment of £495,000 in the Lanes will have created a potential benefit for the local economy of £16,676,498 over a ten-year period, and that similar benefits could be achieved by rolling out the Lanes approach to other areas of the city. As a result HEART recently secured a further £250,000 funding from EEDA to deliver a similar project to develop the local distinctiveness of two independent retail areas in the city - the Timberhill and Castle Fee area and Elm Hill.