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Norwich Heart, Heritage Economic & Regeneration Trust

Research Centre

Industrial Innovation

Articles about the contribution of Norwich firms to the development of industry, including many 'firsts'.



Agricultural Hall



Barnards    |    Bonds    |    Boulton and Paul    |    Brewing in Norwich    |    Bullard and Sons



Caleys    |    Chamberlins    |    City Station    |    Curls of Norwich



F W Harmer



The Gurney Family and Banking in Norwich



Hardwick House    |    Hills and Underwood    |    Howlett and White



James Southall and Company    |    John Copeman and Son    |    John Youngs Builders



Laurence Scott and Electrometers



Mann Egerton



Norwich and Norwich Union    |    Norwich Railway Station



Panks Engineers



R J Read Ltd    |    Rumsey Wells